“Tim is a strong writer and communicator…He is exceptionally qualified to speak on behalf of bicyclists, to facilitate discussion with them and to interface with them…His command of the subject is backed up by his knowledge of projects across the country, those systems that work and those with shortcomings…He has my respect and my appreciation for helping Minneapolis receive its biking notoriety. 

- Barry Warner, FASLA AICP, Senior Vice President, SRF Consulting Group, Inc.

Tim has been car-free his entire adult life except for six months in 1984 when he owned a VW bug that caught on fire and burned up. 



Tim Springer was the leading force behind the creation of the Midtown Greenway, the main bicycle transportation artery in Minneapolis used by thousands of cyclists and pedestrians each day.  Tim does not own a car and uses a bicycle for transportation year-round.  

Tim's ideal projects engage diverse urban communities in charting a healthy, sustainable, artful, and fun future by creating fast, safe, and pleasant bicycle facilities.  

Tim has a Master's in Energy and Resources from the University of California, Berkeley.  In addition to bicycle transportation, Tim is a renewable energy advocate serving on the board for Community Power in Minneapolis. He has a 4.9 kW solar array on the roof of one of his homes in Minneapolis.  

Tim Springer is the greenway guy